Recently, programs for downloading torrent files are becoming more and more popular. Users download applications, games, movies, and many other contents they need from the Internet. In most cases, files on the network are in the torrent extension, which means that you need to use special programs, torrent clients to get them. BitComet is a loyal assistant and an excellent software product for working with torrents. Download the official version of BitComet for free from our website to your PC, laptop, or smartphone.


The presented software product is compatible with several operating systems:

  • Windows - install BitComet on a PC or laptop running Windows OS and use all the features of the program.
  • Mac OS - download the utility to your Mac computer and optimize your work with downloading content from the Internet.
  • Android - the presented utility provides users with the opportunity to use it on smartphones and tablets, due to the existence of a mobile version that functions on Android devices.

About the program

The BitComet utility is an easy and intuitive program for downloading files and applications from the Internet. Advantages of the software:

  • With the help of BitComet, users can download content from the Internet both through torrent links and through magnet links. Now you do not need to browse a lot of sites in search of a torrent link of the document you need, you can easily download documents via direct links using the provided utility.
  • You can download files not only one after another, but also simultaneously using the simultaneous download option. You can also easily pause or stop the download.
  • Content download speed limit. Set a speed ceiling for the downloaded content so that the torrent client does not load traffic and does not interfere with the work of other Internet applications. At the same time, the developers have increased the speed of downloading files with the utility several times compared to competitors.
  • Put the downloads in the queue. Users can easily queue downloads and sort them by importance. Thus, you do not need to download everything here and now, BitComet itself will start the download process at the right time and download everything you need.
  • If there are problems with the connection and the download is interrupted, the application provides the ability to resume downloading from the stop point. The convenience of the option is that you will not need to download the information again and waste extra time.
  • Support for multiple operating systems. The presented application runs on several major operating systems, namely Windows and Mac. There is also a mobile version for users of Android-based devices.


Developers create a considerable number of utilities that help users cope with a lot of problems and questions. BitComet is a software product that will help optimize the process of downloading information from the Internet to a PC, laptop, or smartphone. Download BitComet for free from our website and make sure of the professionalism of the program.